Presenting our new Wedding Hashtag Generator!

Presenting our new Wedding Hashtag Generator!

Let’s face it, wedding hashtag generators are bad. Really bad. This is why we have set out to build the best wedding hashtag generator ever created. After all who has written more hashtags then us? No one! The Wedding Hashers have written over 100,000 wedding hashtags since creation. As in we have physically sat down and written 100,000 hashtags! No automatic generator can compare to the human brain (yet), but we understand that not everyone is willing to pay $20 for an awesome wedding hashtag, but if you are, you can give us your info right here.

Without further ado here are the three main problems with wedding hashtag generators and how we are addressing them.

  1. They Aren’t Punny

    A really good hashtag has GOT to be punny. Rhymes are pretty good, alliterations are okay, but the best wedding hashtags have got to be punny, and since when has anyone settled for pretty good when it comes to their wedding? It is difficult for a generator to be super punny like us pro writers (humble brag?). However, it is getting better every week as we continue to upgrade it with our machine learning and software engineering team.
  2. They Aren’t Updated

    Okay, so I’m not sure what is going on behind the scenes, but not much seems to be changing with respect to other wedding hashtag generators. As in I will use a generator and get 20 or so hashtags, then come back a month later and they will be the same. We will be frequently iterating on our generator, and taking in user feedback to constantly pair users with better hashtags.
  3. They Don’t Take The Couple’s Names into Account

    This always bugs me. Joe and Lisa will use a wedding hashtag generator and receive the wedding hashtag #JoeAndLisaPartyOfTwo, then Tony and Sarah will go to the wedding hashtag generator and receive the hashtag #TonyAndSarahPartyOfTwo. If a wedding hashtag generator is just appending your names to cookie cutter phrase, then what’s the point? The problem is these generators only exist to get traffic to their website, and they do not care about providing you with awesome wedding hashtags. Of course our focus is entirely on wedding hashtags, so hopefully we can provide you with “the one”.

Please take our new wedding hashtag generator for a whirl! And let us know what you think here, because we are always iterating. One more time we are also happy to write you some custom wedding hashtags. Just go here.