Meet A Few Hashtag Writers

Meet A Few Hashtag Writers

I am often asked how one becomes a professional hashtag writer! Here you get to meet some of our finest writers to find out how one ends up writing puns professionally. Depending on the success of this blog, you may get to meet more of our writers in the future!

  • Krista Stucchio

    I work in social media & marketing, managing several social media accounts every day while also running a personal food Instagram called @hashtagfoodpic. Now, I help make many couples' special day even more special through hashtag creation. Who knew annoying my friends with my cheesy wit all these years would turn into a job.

  • Jeffrey Mara

    I have A LOT of fun with this gig and enjoy giving couples awesome unique wedding hashtags. I have always had a way with words and puns and in the year 2018 there is FINALLY a way to put these skills to good use! I estimate that I have written at least 50,000 wedding hashtags which is probably a world record right?

  • Jess Ferrigno

    I currently work in Corporate Finance (not much opportunity to put my knack for wordplay and puns to use), but I also run a food instagram account called @foodinyourmouth on the side!! I'm loving the chance to write wedding hashtags and help bring some more fun to the big day!

  • Christopher Shelley

    I work as a Wedding Celebrant in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky and really anywhere people will pay me to go. I create personal, hilarious and meaningful ceremonies for couples through my company Illuminating Ceremonies. ( Marrying people is a fulfilling, heartwarming job, but it's nothing compared to the joy I must bring by creating fun hashtags for couples around the English-speaking world.

Still need a punny hashtag for your wedding? We would LOVE to write you one.