5 Reasons Why An Awesome Wedding Hashtag Is Worth It

5 Reasons Why An Awesome Wedding Hashtag Is Worth It

I often hear this question. Usually from those people who are anti-social media (and all things fun)! I always have five responses to this question.

  1. 1. Its Fun!

    Having an awesome wedding hashtag puts the metaphorical cherry on the wedding cake. A cute, funny, and/or sweet wedding hashtag gives everybody something to laugh about. Plus, what's better than one-upping your friends with a punny wedding hashtag?
  2. 2. A Wedding Hashtag is your own personal slogan

    You get to be famous! Honestly though I have had couples tell me that they are still using their wedding hashtag for years. And since wedding hashtags are a fairly new concept, it's possible you will use your wedding hashtag on and off forever. This is probably my favorite piece of the Wedding Hashtag. It's almost a marketing tool for the couple, so make sure to market yourselves well!
  3. 3. Gets your pictures organized

    Now for the practical usage of a wedding hashtag. It organizes your pictures. A unique hashtag will allow you to get all the awesome pictures off Instagram that your friends took. You will be able to look back years to come and remember all the happy moments surrounding your wedding.
  4. 4. Quality decorations

    If you are forward thinking enough to create your hashtag well in advance of your wedding, then you have the opportunity to incorporate the wedding hashtag into wedding decorations! You can make your invitations even more inviting and your wedding signs even more engaging!
  5. 5. Awesome Instagram Posts

    Well, I guess it's only as important as you want it to be in your life. However, if you are a heavy user of Facebook and Instagram you know the feeling of creating awesome posts. So avoid wedding hashtag shame so you can make some great posts!

Still need a creative wedding hashtag? We'd love to write you one!