6 Steps To An Awesome Wedding Hashtag

6 Steps To An Awesome Wedding Hashtag

STEP 1: Write Down All The Names You Want Included Step 2: Think Of Every Word That Rhymes With Or Sounds Like That Name Step 3: Find Every Phrase That Uses These Words
Pelky Party #LetsGetThisPelkyStarted
Bauer Hour, Our, Better #ForBauerOrWorse, #OurFinestBauer
Powell Towel, Power #ThePowellOfLove
Wagner Winner, Wagon #HitchYourWagner, #AndTheWagnerIs
Whittier White, Water #JustAddWhittier, #ANiceDayForAWhittierWedding
Williams Will #IDoAndIWilliams
Krzyszton Name too hard? See Step 4 Nothing?! See Step 4

  • Step 1

    Make sure to also use first names, nicknames, even hobbies, words related to your hobbies, and where/how you met.

  • Step 2

    Find all the words that sound like and rhyme with the names and words you came up with in step 1. Here is a rhyming dictionary and a sounds like dictionary (yes those exist).

  • Step 3

    Find some phrases! Use this again. This. And even this, but you can always come up with more on your own.

    Still nothing? Don't panic, just calmly proceed to step 4!

  • Step 4

    Time to break up that difficult name! Names with more than 2 syllables get to be difficult to punify.

    Kryszton -> Krysz -> Crazy -> KryszyStupidLove.
    DiBrosio -> DiB -> CallingDiBsOnHer.

    Don't want to break up the name? Step 5 it is!

  • Step 5

    Puns maybe aren't for you, but don't worry there is style rhyming and alliteration to work with. However, puns usually get the most laughs so try and expand your word list in step 1 with ALL the words relevant to you as a couple. Did you meet playing softball? #SwingAndAMrs, #ForBatterOrWorse, #HitchItOutOfThePark. Getting married on a cruise? #ItsABoatTime, #LetsGetKnotical, #CruiseAndIDos. Is she/he a nurse? #ForBetterOrNurse. Is she/he a police officer? #ForTheArrestOfOurLives. If nothing is coming to you, then time to get back to the rhyme dictionary for rhymes can be the easiest to remember. #SoloToCorello, #CallUsSukalus, #DownWithBrown.

    Nothing Rhymes with any of your names? Don't have any hobbies?…. Very well it is alliteration time! See step 6.

  • Step 6

    Alliterations are the last stop on the hashtagging journey. They have the benefit of ease of memorability, ease of spelling, and most importantly ease of generation. Here is a table of wedding/marriage related words paired by letter.

    A: Aisle, Always, All About, After
    B: Begin, Become, Betting On, Bring, Bride, Better
    C: Call Us, Club, Catching, Choosing, Chasing
    D: Down, Double, I Do
    E: Ever, Everlasting
    F: Finally, Forever
    G: Go, Gladly, Get, Gotta
    H: Have, Heart, Hold, Happily, Hitched, Hung Up, Hello
    I: I Do
    J: Joining
    K: Keeping
    L: Love
    M: Marry, More, Make, Meet, Market
    N: Knot, Newly, Nuptial, Now
    O: Onto, One
    P: Perfect, Plunge, Put, Picking
    R: Ring
    S: Start, Say Yes, Squared, Soon to Be, Spouse, Sticking With
    T: Two, Time, Take, Ties, Toast
    U: Union
    V: Vow
    W: Wedding, Winning, White, Wife
    X: Extremely
    Y: Yes

As the most prolific wedding hashtag writers out there we thought we would give you some insight into how it is done. If you are reading this blog you probably have a difficult name for a hashtag, but fear not because I truly believe that an awesome hashtag can be created for every last name, some are just a littler harder than others. Your wedding day may just be one day, but a wedding hashtag can be remembered and used your entire life, so if everything has to be perfect on your wedding day, then everything must be perfect with your wedding hashtag; times a lifetime! Hopefully this blog helps you learn the process of hashtagging, but if not, we would love to write some for you! Just start here.